112 W. 34TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY  101020
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Sublidot is a hard surface material company that uses a non-contact laser structuring technique to bring relief of any pattern onto almost any surface. Sublidot wants to create a showroom to highlight its innovative materials so customers can discover the endless possibilities with their product. 
GOAL: Design a showroom to display Sublidot’s line of materials for a unique customer experience while accommodating a collaborative space for employees to work and interact with clients. 
CONCEPT: Sublidot’s showroom is a dynamic space that incorporates the infinite use of its product with not only the display but the actual materiality of the space itself. The Sublidot showroom will create a unique customer experience with its ability to customize and print a sample of any design; the angular nature of the showroom environment alludes to the cutting-edge technology and geometric identity of Sublidot.
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