In the few months of 2020, the world has suffered from the devastation of COVID-19. From inside our homes, we have watched unprepared governments scramble to find a resolution, with the feeling of anxiety and defenselessness growing inside our stomachs. This pandemic has not only impacted the lives of individuals; it has completely transformed the way humanity will proceed with life in the future. My concept is simple: use existing augmented reality technology in the form of wearable glasses to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other contagious diseases within social environments. The glasses function as a portal that allows one to discover an enhanced version of their surroundings. This piece of technology projects the precautions of social distancing before your eyes, while also mirroring the features of a smartphone. These images illustrate what you would perceive through the lens of augmented reality glasses; it highlights key information, like distance, potential contamination, large crowds, and exposure limits. Although these images are fictional, it envisions a reality we could experience in our future. It is imperative we implement our technical knowledge towards a tangible solution against coronavirus. Augmented reality is a service that will unveil the invisible hazards and ultimately advance our society to overcome the effects of this pandemic; see the unseen.
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